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The cryptocurrency market’s capitalization reached $2 trillion in March 2021 alone, which exceeded Microsoft’s capitalization ($1.82 trillion) and almost approached Apple`s capitalization ($2.06 trillion). However, the capitalization dropped to $1.6 trillion three months later, in June of the same year.

The cryptocurrency market is developing, thus, becoming more and more attractive to investors. However, not all market participants can catch up with the rapid market growth and constant changes it bears. The cryptocurrency market volatility is so high that investors can suffer major losses and lose a significant share of their capital after a single news release. The main market problems beginner traders face:

  1. volatility;

While some strive to make money in the market and receive passive income, others sell effective trading and investing knowledge. Unfortunately, only a few are successful, competent, and fruitful.

Can a beginning investor adjust to the crypto industry and make money in this market, avoiding negative experiences?

Tokkea got the answer. We believe that anyone can work in the crypto market provided a competent approach and the proper tools. Therefore, we have developed and continue developing a service that successfully helps beginners and experienced investors earn in the cryptocurrency market.

Tokkea is a marketplace for trading solutions in the cryptocurrency market.

We collect statistics and analyze the strategies of professional market traders, who profit regardless of the market fluctuations during upward and downward trends. Furthermore, we offer ready-made solutions for making money in the cryptocurrency market.

Tokkea copy trading service helps make money following successful trading strategies. In addition, we offer the ability to create automated trading rules that can be useful for beginners in the crypto industry and professional market players as well.

Repeating the successful experience of professional traders is an opportunity for investors to enter the market with minimal risk and learn simultaneously.

Traders make deals and conduct detailed research of the market, thus, forming trading strategies. By and large, there are two types of analysis: fundamental and technical.

  1. Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is based on the analysis of economic, political, and social events. The trader monitors the timing of topical issues since they affect price changes. Then the trade begins. Beginners are not recommended to trade during the topical issue of the day.

2.Technical analysis

Technical analysis includes charts or technical indicators. The trader is looking for the most convenient moments to open trades.

Thus, trading implies systems analytics, event prediction, computational procedures, market research, relevant experience, the ability to work with open media data, big data, and much more. Modern trading is not a hobby or even a profession; it is a whole way of acting, thinking, building a career, and gradual capital deepening.

Tokkea has collected the experience of traders, built on a detailed analysis of the market and its prediction, which will help you earn simply, quickly, affordably, and successfully. As long as traders successfully implement profitable models, you make a profit investing in their experience.

Tokkea is not only a service; it is an entire community. We unite people interested in professional trading and investing around our product and help them enter the market with minimal risk and maximum profit. Moreover, unlike other copy trading services, Tokkea issues its in-house token, which gives access to other ecosystem products.

The referral program helps us expand the community. So users share a helpful service with like-minded people and receive more income due to the bonuses accrued for the referrals brought to the platform.

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